Mucocele of appendix in an elderly male from tuberculosis endemic region

  • Dr Sagar Khadanga Assistant Professor, Dept of Medicine, AIIMS Bhopal, India.
  • Dr Dharmendra Dugar Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Hitech Medical College, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.
  • Dr Ujjawal Khurana Assistant Professor, Department of pathology, People’s College of Medical Sciences, Madhya Pradesh, India.
  • Dr Pravat Kumar Thatoi Assistant Professor, Dept of Medicine, SCB medical college, Cuttack, Orissa, India.
  • Dr Shakti Prasad satapathy Senior consultant, Aditya care hospital, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.
Keywords: Mucocele of appendix, Mucinous cystadenoma, Pseudomyxomaperitonei


A 55 year old gentleman with past history of pulmonary tuberculosis 6 years back presented with diffuse abdominal pain associated with fever, vomiting and a vaguely palpable mass in right iliac fossa. Ultrasonography showed distended ileal loops in the right lower quadrant of abdomen. CT scan abdomen revealed thickened, enlarged and fluid filled appendix suggestive of mucocele. Laparoscopy revealed approximately 22cm X 5cm mucocele of appendix with omental adhesions. Laparoscopic appendectomy was done, without any spillage of mucin in the peritoneum. The patient was discharged from the hospital on 3rd postoperative day and on ten months of follow up the patient is doing well. Laparoscopic appendectomy do not increase complication rate in mucocele of appendix.


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