Role of GeneXpert in early diagnosis of Pulmonary tuberculosis

  • Dr. Madhu.S Assistant Professor, Department of General Medicine, Basaveshwara Medical College & Hospital, Chitradurga, India.
  • Dr. Sudhindra K.S Associate Professor, Basaveshwara Medical College & Hospital, Chitradurga, India.
  • Dr. Sumanta A Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, Basaveshwara Medical College & Hospital, Chitradurga, India.
  • Dr. Basavaraj Sangolli Assistant Professor, Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Basaveshwara Medical College & Hospital, Chitradurga, India.
  • Dr. Ranganath. R District Tuberculosis Officer, District General Hospital, Chitradurga, India.
Keywords: Tuberculosis, GeneXpert, Rifampicin resistance


Background: The prevalence of tuberculosis infection is on the rise. There is an urgent need for rapid diagnosis of these cases for prompt initiation of treatment. It would be better if we can detect drug resistance in these cases before starting treatment.

Aim: to evaluate the role of GeneXpert in the diagnosis of clinically suspected tuberculosis and to detect rifampicin resistance in these cases.

Materials and Methods: A total of 1497 samples from April 2016 to March 2017, from all clinically suspected patients with support of either laboratory or radiological evidence from our teaching hospital and district general hospital were studied.

Results: out of 1497 cases, 266 were found to be positive for MTB and 09 MTB positives cases were found to be resistant to rifampicin.

Conclusions: GeneXpert was found to be simple, rapid and more effective method for detection of MTB cases and also the drug resistance could be detected simultaneously, thus reducing the time taken for initiation of treatment.


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